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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of Chapter

Hello, everyone. I just logged on to announce my last post on here.

Now don't freak out! I don't mean I'll never use Blogger again. I only mean that I won't be using MCL anymore. It was made during my last year of my life in elementary school. This was made before I re-dedicated my life to Christ. He needs me to go forward. So I am

I made a brand new blog to broadcast this new chapter of my life. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do. You will find it at It's fully called Fresh New Start. I will post on it from now on

MCL's time has come to an end. I will miss it, but not much. I have other things to do. I hope to see you soon. This is not goodbye. This is hello to a new beginning. Here's to FNS!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fresh New Start

Hello, all. I know it's been pretty quiet around here for a while. I've just started school, therefore, unable to access my blogs. I've been doing some thinking, and I thought I needed to do a very important post

As you may very well know, I am moving up to Jr. High School this year. This is a big transition for me. My classes are going to be much tougher now. The teachers won't tolerate you not having your assignments in on time. This is a big responsibility for me.

Secondly, during this summer (or possibly sooner), I became addicted to a game on the here on the Internet. It has changed me. I used to not care about that stuff as much. I used to write more. I wrote to not be glued to my computer all the time. But all that's changed.

Third, as I've posted earlier, I have felt I've been drifting away from God. I am going to make more time to spend with Him. I want to live up to my re-dedication.

Basically, I've changed. I'm no longer the girl with paper and a pencil. I'm the girl with a keyboard and a mouse. I am going to try to stay true to my real self: the author-to-be. I am going to watch what I do online and make sure I don't lose sight of my priorities.

So, I'm going to make a brand-new start. I've cleared my browsing history, and moved VFK (the game I'm addicted to) to another part of my bookmarks bar, to where I can't see it very well. I will have a Bible by my side always. So, now, all I have to do is start over on here.

Hello, I'm Miss Cellaneous. And this is my life.

P.S. I will try to get my vacation pictures posted as soon as physically possible. It will be a while, with school and all.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Princess and the Frog 2

Hey, ya'all! I know you're probably wondering what I'm doing up so late. Well, I can't stop thinking about my all-time favorite move: Disney's Princess and the Frog

You all know the story of the Frog Prince, right? An ugly frog asks a fair princess to kiss him, he turns into a prince, and they live happily ever after? Well, in this movie, they tell what happens in between the kiss and the frog turning into a prince

If you've ever seen this movie, you'll probably agree that it is GREAT! And that it was totally worth the risk of experimenting for Disney. Well, I have a few ideas for a sequel to it. The Princess and the Frog 2: Facilier's Return

 {start plot one} What if his Friends on the Other Side gave Facilier another chance? What if he was able to capture Naveen and turn him back into a frog to try to repay his debt (therefore, turning Tiana back, too) and all chaos ensues? Tiana must find Naveen before midnight on the morning of their wedding anniversary, or they'll be frogs, and separated forever. Will they kiss before the clock strikes twelve? Or is it happily NEVER after? {end plot one)

{start plot two} What if his Friends on the Other Side gave Facilier another chance? What if he was given the ability to turn back time and keep Tiana from breaking his talisman? What if it all worked? Tiana needs to set things right with the help of Mama Odie, the only one who knows of the pass in time. Will things ever return back to the way they were? {end plot two}

I have been working on those for a while. I even have a mind to start a screenplay of Plot One. But, which one do you think sounds better? Would you like to see time travel or re-capture? I'll put up a survey to see which you like better (even though I doubt seriously anyone is ever going to read this or vote)

Disclaimer: I own the rights to NONE of this. The names of the characters and all items related are copyrighted by Disney Studios Inc. Hollywood, CA

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Sunshine

Hey, everyone! It's a beautiful and sunny day here in Oklahoma. One of the finest days I've seen in my life (which, isn't saying much, since it hasn't been that long).

This morning, I woke up to a single beam of light coming from  my window. I looked out, and I loved what I saw. All of it was so bright and cheery. I thought "Why should I let a great day like this go to waste?"

So, I wanted to go for a walk around the block. It wasn't any big thing, just to get some fresh air after spending most of my week inside with a computer and a Nook. I got dressed, wrote a note to my mom, cleaned the dirt of my sneakers, and headed out. Only, I wasn't the only one going outside.

My dad saw me because he was in the garage, building pieces of a new dresser. I told him I was going for a walk around the block. He asked exactly where I planned to go. I told him and headed off

It WAS wonderful. The fresh air smelled so good. I felt so free. Like nothing was holding me down. It ended too soon

When I got back, my mom wanted to walk with me. Of course, I couldn't say no to my mom, so we went again. Along the way we had nice chats. It wasn't exactly as I planned, but it was cool.

When we got back, Mutt was up and asked if I wanted to play some ball. I said sure. I LOVE playing basketball. Just something about it is fun. We also played a little baseball. One time, Mutt hit it so hard, it nearly went over the brick fence over to the Crest parking lot!

It was great to have a little fun in the sun. I'm glad I decided to take advantage of a great day. I'll talk to you soon, hopefully with pictures. Bye!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reasons to Pray

Hey, everyone. I know I promised pictures, but I have to upload them from several different SD cards, and edit certain things from them, and it all takes time. I WILL upload those pictures, just be patient.

I have several tough things going on in my life right now. Please pray for;

  1. My brother injured his nose at football camp the other day. Please pray for healing
  2. My great- aunt just had surgery. Please pray that she'll have a safe recovery.
  3. My aunt complained of stomach pains sometime this week. I'm not sure what happened, but now she's in the hospital. The doctors are testing, but nobody knows what's wrong. Please pray that God will give them knowledge of her illness (if there is any) and that they can medicate it.
Thank you for your prayers. I can't begin to say how thankful I am for all my readers who follow this. I know this isn't as interesting as most things out there right now, but it's something to pass time. Thanks again and God bless you.  

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Back!

Hey, everyone! I'm back!

I just got back from Branson a few minutes ago. I had a great time. We saw alot, did alot, and basically had LOTS of fun.

I'll be posting pictures and stories soon. Be on the lookout for them! I'd post some tonight, but I'm going to be lazy my first night home.

See you soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Please Pray for Me

Hello and welcome back to MCL. Today, I have some great news. I need you to pray for me because...

A) As you may already know, I've been a Christian most of my life. Recently, though, I've been feeling I've been slipping away from God. So, I'm re-dedicating my life to Him. I'm ready to take the next step on my path of faith. I am setting sail for unchertered waters on a new ship, the U.S.S. Forgiven. But, as long as God is at the helm, I know I'll safely reach shore.

B) My family and I are heading to Branson tomorrow morning! We'll be back on July 2, so you can hope to get pictures around that time. Please pray for safe passage for us. I'll see you soon.

As I begin this new chapter of my life, please pray that the Lord will bless me and put me on the right path.

Good day, and Godspeed.